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About us - Our Tanning Salon

..:: We believe in quality not quantity

Since 1993, Hollywood SunSpot has been the leader in superior tanning technology. We are your source for the best equipment and tanning products.

Why Hollywood SunSpot?

  • Our beds and bulbs are maintained to the highest standards
  • All our bulbs are imported from Europe
  • Four levels of tanning beds - Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond
  • Friendly, trained and Smart Tan certified staff
Stoney Creek Tanning Salon
Dundas Tanning Salon
  • Members of International Smart Tan Network
  • Personalized tanning packages that can be prepared for each individual
  • Voted #1 tanning salon by Readers Choice Awards and other distinguished groups

Our customer care and satisfaction along with clean immaculate stores has kept us in business and will continue for years to come.

Vitamin D

Studies have shown the importance of getting adequate sunlight for its vitamin D boosting effects. Vitamin D strengthens the immune system and it may protect against various diseases, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, cancers of the breast, heart, prostate and colon. Sunlight has been proven to have hidden benefits as well, like protecting against insomnia and depression.

Summer is a great time to stock up on the nutrient, but in the winter it is really hard to get enough of it from dietary sources. The lack of vitamin D may cause the immune system to weaken as well. According to scientists, this immune system link might explain the seasonality of influenza. People are less exposed to sunlight in the winter, which causes the levels of vitamin D to drop, weakening the immune system and allowing the viruses to penetrate.

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